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News Report

Jewventus and Reich played non-registered players in Cup Semi Final


Decision follows….

MJSL Statement

Unfortunately both Jewventus and Reich have confirmed that they both knowingly played non registered players in Sundayโ€™s Cup Semi Final. The rules are clear in such cases that any team doing so in a cup competition will forfeit the tie and be subject to a maximum £25 fine.
As a result, Reich who lost the match have been fined £25 and Jewventus who won, have been removed from the competition and also fined £25. With neither team beating any other team in a previous round, the team that has progressed the furthest in the competition will take their place in the cup final. This means that the other losing semi finalist Maccabi Mcr 3rd will face Leeds Maccabi in the final on a date and at a venue yet to be confirmed.

The League Management Committee are extremely disappointed that two of the MJSL teams felt the need to break the registration rules with intended deception, showing no respect for the competition.

Any media queries should be directed to Paul Rose.


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