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Action Against Cancer Cup Winners - Leeds Maccabi
AAC Trophy Lift - Leeds Maccabi
Adam Gilman (Leeds Maccabi) - AAC Cup 2021/22 - Harry & Eva-Lily Craft
Maccabi Mcr 3rd - AAC Cup 2021-22
Bury FC - AAC Cup Final 2021/22 Hosts
Bury FC - AAC Cup Final 2021/22 - Players Entrance
Match Card - AAC Cup Final 2021-22
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Maccabi Mcr 3rd - Relaxation Time - AAC Cup 2021-22
Respect Handshake - AAC Cup Final 2021-22
Officials and Captains warm up - AAC Cup Final 2021/22
AAC Cup Final 2021-22 - Medals Table
AAC Sponsors - Craft family and Joyce Fletcher
Jayden Huglin (Leeds Maccabi) - Double Scorer - AAC Cup Final 2021-22
Man of the Match - Jayden Huglin (Leeds Maccabi) - AAC Cup Final 2021/22
AAC Cup Final programme 2021-22

News Report

Leeds Maccabi edge home against Maccabi Mcr 3rd in AAC Cup Final


AAC Cup Final | Maccabi Mcr 3rd 2-3 Leeds Maccabi

The final match of the MJSL's 74th season saw Leeds Maccabi just get over the line with a 3-2 victory over Maccabi Mcr 3rd. The game swung from one side of the Pennines and back but ultimately the Yorkshiremen just has a little more in their tank than their Mancunian counterparts.

The youngsters sprinkled with a few veterans started well with their pace causing untold problems for Leeds and after a few near misses, deserved to take the lead after 12 minutes when Sam Lennard opened the scoring. Those early opportunities that were squandered would be costly by the end of the match. 

It took around quarter of an hour for Leeds to settle into the game and on 24 minutes equalised when Jayden Huglin found an extra yard of pace and drilled home. However, an immediate response came 4 minutes later as Rick Myers made it 2-1 to Maccabi Mcr 3rd and barring a disallowed goal for offside, half time was reached.  

After the break, within minutes Huglin was sin-binned which seemed to galvanise Leeds who then looked stronger and more organised, they concentrated on playing together as a team, and definitely adopted a more disciplined approach. With 10 men on the field on 55 minutes, Alex Elf slid home a second equaliser to make it 2-2. Mcr Maccabi's attacks were much more limited now and although they went close on several occasions, could not regain the initiative. 

On 75 minutes, Jayden Huglin scored what turned out to be the winning goal making it 3-2. There were several other notable incidents as Leeds hit the post, had another disallowed goal for offside and on a counter-attack caused the Maccabi goalkeeper to handle outside the penalty area, although the ref deemed the angle of the ball not to render a goal scoring opportunity and a free kick resulted rather than a red card.

On balance, Leeds Maccabi definitely deserved their narrow victory and particularly their second half performance turned the game. Maccabi Mcr 3rd started very well but kept getting pegged back and with a few players hobbling off and a tiring team, just couldn't get back in to the match later on. Jayden Huglin was awarded man of the match by referee Harry Winters.  


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